Tuesday, October 26, 2010

London's Anglican Garden Project Update

The garden is now completed for the season and was very successful in the produce that was harvested. There were eight city churches involved in the weeding and watering of the garden during a very hot summer.
The churches involved were St. John the Evangelist, Church of St. Jude, St. Aidan's, Bishop Cronyn Memorial, St. Luke's Broughdale, St. John The Divine in Arva, St. Martin-in the-Field and St. Stephen's Memorial. Thank you to all those churches and particularly to St. Aidan's who I think had the hottest and driest week of the summer but did a commendable job.
The vegetables that were grown were lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli Swiss chard, cabbage (both green and red), beans, etc. The dinner program at St. John's benefited from lots and lots of lettuce for tossed salads with some broccoli, red cabbage and tomatoes.
The Friendship Centre at the Cathedral that provides healthy soup and sandwiches to about 200 hungry people daily benefited from the bushels and bushels of other vegetables from the garden.
Our very special "Thank You" to Murray Hunter who planted the garden in the spring and took produce to St. John's and the Friendship Centre all summer and then harvested the remaining vegetables in the fall. He and Rev. Don Ford hosted a delicious appreciation dinner for the helpers on October 15th at St. John the Evangelist Church.
Thank you for all your hard work and hopefully this program helped to fill an empty tummy or two these last few months.

Mary Anne Campbell

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