Thursday, March 1, 2012

Green Certification instructions

By David Patterson, Energy Coordinator -Greening Sacred Spaces
Greening Sacred Spaces and the ACC (through Greening Anglican Spaces GAS) have a formal partnership with GSS bringing their vast experience with assisting faith communities to ‘go green’. To this end, GSS and GAS are working together on a few separate projects in the “Green Arena”. One such project is the GSS Green Certification Program, where Faith Communities across Canada can complete Greening activities within their building and subsequently apply to GSS for a Light, Medium or Deep Green Status, depending on the number and type of actions they have completed. The GSS Certification Program is modeled after the Anglican Green Parish Designation Award Program created and run by the EnviroAction committee of the Anglican Diocese of Huron over the past 3 years. To this end, GSS is drawing upon the EnviroAction committee’s experience in managing their program.

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