Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why would our relationship with Creation be any different than any other relationship?

In a new series of reflections, Bishop Browning explores the roots and meaning of Sabbath and how a fresh understanding and practice of this biblical concept can reconnect economics to ethics, and shape human society in a manner that is consistent with the creation upon which it depends.

‘As Christians we have inherited a story that speaks Good News to all creation. I believe the Sabbath narrative, where we understand God not “ceasing the work” of creation, but rather “being present to” creation, has the capacity to change behaviour and life style. It is strong enough to replace our prevailing narrative predominated by economic success with one of human and environmental well-being.’

‘As humans, we know that our primary relationships are dependent upon trust – and trust is rooted in expectations of fidelity, while fidelity means the acceptance of limits’, he says. ‘Why would our relationship with creation be any different?’

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