Sunday, April 21, 2013

Green Awards: Anglican Pilot Program and GSS Green Certification Program Summary

            The Green Certification program tries to capture every activity for which communities of faith green their environment. Once churches and faith communities apply they will be given certificates with Light Green, Medium Green or Deep Green status. David Patterson, Energy Coordinator for Greening Sacred Spaces writes, that when "10 of the actions in any of the statuses (occurs), then they will have achieved that status". Faith communities may apply every year to update their certificate. Communities applying for the first time need to fill out a profile on the GSS website: churches and faith communities have any questions they may contact David Patterson, As for churches involved with the Anglican Pilot Program, the "Green Awards" will be mailed to the EnviroAction committee, Diocese of Huron in time for Synod at the end of May. 

Link to Instructions for the Green Certification Program of Greening Sacred Spaces. 

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