Friday, February 7, 2014

Manolis L Oil Spill Gets Worse

Manolis L Oil Spill Getting Worse on Change Islands
When the call went out from The Rev'd. Dr. Joanne Mercer concerning the bunker C oil from the marooned Manolis L Anglican Parishes in the Diocese of Huron in Ontario heard that call. Trinity Anglican Church in Lambeth and Trinity Anglican Church in Cambridge among other Anglicans have circulated petitions to be sent to the federal government. The Revd. Mercer has said that "this is a very important matter and directly tied to our baptismal call to safeguard the integrity of God's creation and to the Marks of Mission". While many people criticise the church when they think it is not showing relevance it is its responses in these types of situations which show that the Anglican church, besides such long term avenues such as the Primates World Relief Development Fund, shows its ability to be a significant contribution to the needs and cares of the world.

"We believe that if this ship breaks apart and some of the 600 tonnes of oil is spilled there will be dire and far reaching environmental consequences. Thank you for any help and support you may be able to provide.

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