Monday, March 16, 2015


As the Eco-Bishops gather in Cape Town, let us together pray. After years of planning, several conference calls and communication by email, the eco-bishops will soon gather in Cape Town for three intensive days of prayer, reflection and sharing. What they are asked and empowered to do, is to challenge the communion about how we live now as God’s people living on and near the earth. While our policy does not permit the issuing of specific mandates to provinces or dioceses, you have been asked to share with the communion your experiences at home, and collectively as a result of being together in Cape Town. A number of outcomes are imagined including statements, personal testimonies and group reflections. Art, music, prayer, worship and youth engagement all feature in the three-day programme. Canon Ken is secretary to the network and co-facilitator of the EBI. From Canon Ken Gray

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Canada's Eco-Bishop Mark MacDonald in South Africa

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