Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Anglican Church of Canada commends the Diocese of Huron and the Enviroaction Committee’s leadership

The following is a letter sent to the bishops of the Anglican Church of Canada.

November 19, 2009

Dear Bishop

This letter is to let you know about Greening Anglican Spaces, an important initiative of the Anglican Church of Canada, and to ask your help in forming a diocesan “green team” to provide local leadership and support for the initiative. If your diocese has already formed such a group, we commend you for your leadership and invite your participation and support.

Greening Anglican Spaces, a project of the Partners in Mission and Ecojustice Committee, developed to implement General Synod Resolution C001 adopted in 2007, calling upon all Anglican churches in every diocese to set targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

A project team has been creating on-line tools – soon to be posted on the Anglican web page - to help parishes and dioceses increase the energy efficiency of our buildings, lessen greenhouse gases, save energy dollars, and together work towards a more sustainable future.
The Anglican Church of Canada is collaborating with the Greening Sacred Spaces project of Faith and the Common Good to develop educational materials and practical tools to help parishes in their greening efforts. A schedule of this joint project is attached.

Achieving increased energy efficiency in our buildings and changing our practices is a multi-year process. With your help, we believe we can support our parishes in serious greening efforts over the next three to five years, sending a clear signal to the wider community that Anglicans are serious about seeking a healthy, sustainable future. Specifically, we are asking you to name up to three people in your diocese who care about climate change, and who are interested in the practical aspects of reducing the church’s carbon footprint. Or to let us know what diocesan activities and teams you may already have in place. Kindly forward their name, e-mail address, telephone number and other contact information to A reply by December 4, 2009 would be appreciated. One of the members of our project team will be in touch with you soon to follow up.

Greening Anglican Spaces is a practical response to the Fifth Mark of Mission, “To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth.” Last month, participants at an interfaith meeting hosted by the Archbishop of Canterbury pledged to take whatever action they can “to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable practice”. Taking action continues to be urgent, whatever the results of the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit, and that is what this initiative proposes to do.

Thank you for your timely consideration of this request,

Maylanne Maybee
Coordinator, Ecojustice Networks
The Anglican Church of Canada

Ted Reeve
Faith & the Common Good Network
569 Spadina Ave
Toronto ON M5S 2J7

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