Thursday, December 17, 2009

Save Copenhagen: Real Deal Now! With only 2 days left, the crucial Copenhagen climate summit is failing is a new global web movement with a simple democratic mission: to close the gap between the world we have, and the world most people everywhere want

"World leaders have arrived and begun 60 hours of final negotiations. Each one will have to decide whether to step forward as heroes, or fail us all. But they will only act if we do.

Around the world a global movement has been building towards this moment. Now it's time for one last, massive push -- with a global public outcry for a real deal that will stop catastrophic climate change. In the next 48 hours we can build the largest petition in history. The names of petition signers are actually being read out inside the summit. Sign below, and tell everyone:

Petition to the 110 Presidents and Prime Ministers negotiating in Copenhagen:

We call on each one of you to make the concessions necessary to meet your historic responsibility in this crisis. Rich countries must offer fair funding, and all countries must set ambitious targets on emissions. Do not leave Copenhagen without a fair, ambitious and binding deal that keeps the world safe from catastrophic global warming of 2 degrees."

Save Copenhagen: Real Deal Now!

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